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Elastic Rail Clip

Elastic Rail Clip

We produce and supply various elastic rail clip, spring blade and SKL tension clamp.

We produce SKL tension clamp with sizes from steel bar dia. 12mm to 15mm, ranges from SKL1, SKL3, SKL12, SKL13, and SKL14, etc.
Steel DIN 17221, BS970, GB/T 4357 and GB/T 4358 are all available.
The hardness of finished product is 42-47 HRC.
When spring deflection is 9.1mm, fatigue life is up to 5 million cycles without breaking.

We produce Nabla clips by alloy spring steel. Their hardness is 51-55 HRC and they have excellent elastic property. With load 2500daN, after two first tests, variation of height after releasing is only 0.45mm and after three more tests, there is only 0.1mm variation of height. The finished Nabla clip can be painted red or other colors according to the requirements of our clients.

Elastic rail clip specification

Clip Type Approx Unit Weight (kg) Toe Load (kgf)
Dia. 14mm
Dia. 16mm
Dia. 18mm
Dia. 20mm
Description Elastic Rail Clip
Size Dia.20mm
Size alternative Dia.12mm,14mm, 16mm, Dia.18mm
Material refer to DIN 17221, BS970, GB/T 4357, GB/T 4358
Mechanical properties Hardness
E2000 E1800 PR400 Toe load ranges from 1100Kgf to 1400kgf, clip toe deflection ranges from 10.5mm to 14.5mm Toe load ranges from 800kgf to 1000kgf, clip toe deflection ranges from 11mm to 14mm Clip toe load ranges from 650kgf to750kgf, clip toe deflection ranges from14mm to 15mm
Rail seat clamping force approximately 25KN Fatigue life 3 millions to 5 million cycles
Coating Plain oiled, oxygen black, painting, zinc plated, or other coating made to customer requirements
Packing 50pcs/bag

We are a major elastic rail clip manufacturer in China. In addition to elastic rail clip, we provide rail clamp, rail spike, rail shoulder, etc. We can manufacture rail joint bars according to customers' specific requirements. As a result of our high quality products and dependable service, our railway fasteners are exported to North America, South America, Australia, Europe and Southeast Asia. Thank you for visiting our website. If you would like additional information, please don't hesitate to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.

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