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Rail Anchor Bolt, Clip Bolt

Rail Anchor Bolt, Clip Bolt

We produce rail anchor bolt, clip bolt for concrete sleeper rail fastenings or crane rail fastening systems. The cam blot produced by our company has two diameters: 18mm and 22mm. Its length varies from 125mm to 185mm. The material used is in accordance with UIC864-2, grade 4.6 or grade 5.6.

cp08彩票app下载We also produce rail anchor bolt, clip bolts of Dia.27mmx285mm long. They are produced using material with a tensile strength of 700 N/mm2 min, and an elongation of more than 18% or grade 10.9.

We also produce clip bolt.
This type of bolt is used for connecting base plates and rail clamps together with nuts and washers. There are two types of clip bolts. One has a square neck and the other does not. Clip bolt is produced in accordance with the UIC, GB, BS, DIN and GOST or ISO standard.

Description Clip bolts with hex nuts and flat washer
Size Hs32 22x55 and Hs32 22X65
Size alternative Hs26 22x55, 65,75mm and Hs32 22x75mm
Material UIC864-2, Class 5.6
Material alternative UIC864-2 Class 4.6, 8.8
Coating Plain oiled, Oxygen black, zinc plated or hot dip galvanized
Packing 50 sets per bag with wooden pallets

The bellowing sizes available

Clip bolt with nut Hs32-130** 45 130
Clip bolt with nut Hs32-90** 45 90
Clip bolt with nut Hs32-75** 45 75
Clip bolt with nut Hs32-65** 45 65
Clip bolt with nut >Hs32-55** 40 55
Nut M22**

Hs26 clip bolts according to UIC 864-2, class 4.6 and 5.6.
Dia.22mmx65mm long
We also produce clip bolt for rail 26kgs, 36kgs
Or BSW 7/8" dia. clip bolts

You are browsing the website of Zhongbo Railway Fastening Company. We are a rail anchor bolt, clip bolt manufacturer and supplier in China. Since our establishment, we have been providing a wide range of rail fastening, including rail anchor bolt, clip bolt, rail spike, rail elastic pad, rail clamps, and more. If you are looking for rail anchor bolt, clip bolt, please don't hesitate to call us at your earliest convenience. We look forward to hearing from you.

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